Enphase output daily data messed up on 06/OCT/2020?



I noticed some strange output data in my pvoutput daily view on Oct 6, 2020. There’s no way that I get 5.7kW generated before 7am on a 4kW system :slight_smile:


I cross checked the Enphase dashboard; it’s not showing the same spikes before dawn. Can anyone help suggest what might be wrong with the data import process? Is there a way for me to manually “flatten” out the error data points to fix the chart?



This is usually a glitch in the energy data reported by Enphase. It will usually resolve itself on the Enphase side by but there isn’t an automated way for PVOutput to re-download the corrected data.

The fix is to download the CSV generation data from Enphase and reload using PVOutput Live Loader.