Enphase Not Transmitting 2 Their Site and Of Coursae Not PVOUT New Issue?


Saturdays enlighten monitor has not transferred to the enphase enlighten collection site. I saw 0 from a bright sunny Saturday. Then I could not get onto the site late at night for my enphase system. Of course PVO has no data still. This Sunday morning it took forever to get online enphase enlighten web site to see if things chage and when finally getting online it had this banner alert. Is anyone else noticing sends to the enphase enlighten collection site issues or is it just some of us on the NE coast area? Note Saturday AM when i checked it was very easy to signi nto their site and this banner was not displayed but is on Sunday.
"Enlighten is going through system maintenance this weekend. You may experience some delays in data. No data is being lost in this upgrade."


All of my equipment is working fine and my Meraki shows a good internet connection. My Envoy has a good connection and shows all panels collecting data. I have no data starting from Friday night around 8:00 pm Pacific.


It appears that indeed Enphase is having unexpected issues. I think they will eventually catch up but once again we would have to manually enter/uploaded reocrds into PVO. Too bad PVO once again does not allow one to do a on demand pull of a given day from Enphase records so we don’t have to dummy up PVO for the missing days no recorded by the given day of mid nite. I see on PVO Ladder view many other enphase systems have not been seen in 2 days too so its not just my system.
Bloke…are you working on such a function to pull records from enphase if IE I enter in the 2 days manually but somehow you support pull this days records from Enphase now or maybe marked to be pulled over night in some batch process if thats more efficient for PVO to handle? And yes limit the amount of data pulled by N days so that people don’t abuse the privelege and make it maybe available only to those who donate?


I should have been clear…this is definitely not a PVOUT issue but an issue on the Enlighten server side I suspect. Irklit, appreciate your posting earlier. Thought it may have been just me.


There’s no reason to “dummy up” data. Once Enlighten is up, download the data manually and then upload through the CSV uploader to PVO. I think it’s a bit of an ask to have BB create a function to grab missing data days later when it only a minor inconvenience to do it yourself. Enphase isn’t the only system out there so by extension, you’re suggesting he do this for every system manufacturer.