Enphase Having issues it seems again


It seems enphase site is collecting my information storing it but not fully processing it as not only is PVOUTPUT behind still back to 7:35am NY time but enphase site itself shows power correctly animated up through current time 10:30+ am NYtime but their ENERGY status bar to the right of it shows 7:35am too. So hopefully they notice and fix it before mid night tonight so that I don’t have to manually fix PVOUTPUT to at least a set current day amount produced today let alone the whole weekend with monday holiday for USA. Seems these problems always come around during the holiday. I did not notice a banner alert on their site yet and so it seems they are unaware maybe.


So last night before mid nite NY time, pvoutput showed the time from 7:40am to early morning missing and started recoreding the rest of the day. On enphase site the same thing regarding total production. Today when I woke up Saturday it seems something reprocesed into PVOUTPUT and it caught up for the friday problem that did not have readings from 7:40am. Seems Enphase is now fixed too. It was enphase causing the problem and PVO could not use the API data they made available probably just before midnite since PVO I dont think reloads the day once the next day starts. I had manually set the PVO days total production before I went to bed. Today it had the real number to 3 decimal places. Thanks. But I think it was my notes to enphase from their site as well as my message via FB that got some fire under them to fix their issue ON THIS LONG weekend in the USA. All seems good again. These problems seem to occur around extended weekends or holidays.


Thanks for the update, generally if things are resolved in 24hrs on their end then we should not missing any data.