Enphase Enlighten Manager access for individual panel data


I just came across this and it’s new to me.
I’ve always wanted to see individual panel activity and this is not possible using MyEnlighten. It’s only been available to installers (call your installer!).
However, you can now get access to Enlighten Manager.

  1. Log out of your MyEnlighten account
  2. Set up a new account with a different email and check the box that you are “self installing”. This will give you an EnlightenManager account.
  3. Go back to your MyEnlighten account and from the Account pull down (upper right) choose Settings to “Give someone else access to your account”, enter the new email account there
  4. You’ll get an email announcing access to your old account. Click on this and your Enlighten Manager account will have access to all of your individual panel data.
    (Once this is set up you can access EnlightenManager from MyEnlighten using the pull down account menu.)


Fantastic hack! I’ve been wanting to get in there for some time. Looks like the ‘Installer’ mantains system settings, but it was great to see all the additional graphing capabilities and individual output data. Thank you :slight_smile:


You can also download the installer app and use it with this same method.


Very much appreciated, thank you. The ability to view individual panels is excellent


Wow!!! This is pretty cool. I’ll have to give this a try later on.


Just had a chance to try this. This is great. What a great find. The only thing is that I don’t have a lot of control over some of the settings. Most of them are greyed out.

But at the very least, I can finally see individual panel data, which was my biggest annoyance.

Thanks for this find. :slight_smile:


Did anyone find the timelapse view of your panel performance?.. clearly highlights how shadows move across which panels at which times of the day. I can go find it again, seemed like i was only able to do it on the either mobile app or website.


Yeah, I found it. When looking at your array, click the drop down menu at the top left. Usually it’s on “Power: Today”. Go to the bottom section of that menu “Power (W)”, and they are kinda like little videos. They have the play icon next to them.

Good this is these show 5 minute break down. This is the kinda data I wish I had from install, and not have to worry about going to these lengths to get this.


Yes that works for me.


Is individual panels’ data available for SolarEdge inverters too?
Thank you.


You can get a file of the individual panel power outputs using the graph function from the monitoring site. As you can see it is not a continuous string of data from each panel. Instead panels report output randomly over time.

I talked with a tech. form SolarEdge and he told me that the inverter is in continual contact with each panel. I am not sure what that means except that it is obvious that power flows continually to the inverter but the recording of data only occurs intermittently.
Below are some statistics for the 21 panels over the whole day. String 1 is 10 panels 5 of String 1#'s 6-10 are facing NE and the other 5 SW. All 11 of string 2 face SW.


Thanks @lwsmiser

Sunrun installed panels for me. It seems I have a limited access to the inverter.

Solaredge portal doesn’t show individual panels for me.
What do you mean graph function?

Is the same available through SolarEdge API?
Not sure if I have panel-level access there too…
That’s weird I own the system, but I don’t have complete access to data.



The SolarEdge API does not support panel level data.


I access my panel data through this url:
If you have this you can see the per panel data by going to the charts tab:

There you can choose down to individual panels and display their daily production curves.
Here I have chosen panel 1 of string 1 and displayed the power production for today.

And here I have superimposed panel 1 of String 2 and added the voltages of each.

If you don’t have a log in to the page you should contact sunrun to get one.
Good luck.


I don’t have SolarEdge inverters so correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the SolarEdge Power Optimizer an optional component? If it is, then you would only have per panel data if you purchased/installed Power Optimizers on each module.

From what I have read, the Power Optimizer is a DC to DC converter that allows each module to have it’s own MPPT while still converting DC to AC centrally at the inverter. This is in contrast to an Enphase System which is a micro inverter system with one inverter mounted to the back of each module and the AC output of each inverter is parallelled out to your main panelboard.


Yes you have the option to use a power optimizer but with my setup it is needed because the inverter does not have an integrated MPPT.
Yes, the power optimizer is what it is…a power optimizer and adjusts the output DC voltage to give optimum power output for the conditions at that panel without seriously affecting all the other outputs of the string.
My system has two strings one of which is split between NE and SW. When the NE panels go into shadow in the afternoon it does pull down the SW panels’ outputs but does not pull them down as much as without the optimizers. Here is a plot showing the effects:

The RED curve is the split string. You can see the shadowing around 2 pm. Back in July the conditions are much better because the sun is much higher in the sky in Summer and shadowing of the NE panels doesn’t happen until 5 pm. And as you can see the outputs of the two strings are about equal.


I’m trying to do this via the enlighten web interface. However my system already has my installer with access and when i try to Send Invitation to my second account it says I can’t because “The user cannot be granted access to this system. This system has a maintainer on record.”

Not keen to revoke installer access at this stage, but am I following the right process, or is there another way?


I don’t know the exact procedure but usually the “maintainer on record” is probably the installer who has granted you some limited access. You should contact SolarEdge and get yourself set as the “maintainer on record”


Thanks will try that.