Enphase Enlighten backend broken now


Any Enphase Envoy that is reporting to Enlighten is now broken. They had an issue since the 18th with their cloud solution. This morning a message on their app showed up saying they have an issue since the 19th (they are wrong- they broke down a day earlier).

Just an FYI if you are wondering why your Envoy is not uploading data


Thanks. I just had my system installed last week. Does this happen often where reporting goes down? Since its a new system, i been checking it every hr. lol


Just saw this at 2:30pm NY time on enphase web site noting PVOUTPUT is showing 0 production numbers since 10:30am today. Hope they fix it before the clock strikes twelve.
It would be nice if PVOUTPUT allowed one to auto repull the prior days numbers in case it as times goes past mid nite and PVOUTPUT does not seem to get the full numbers pulled from enphase causing me to manually enter the days total amount only since I don’t upload anything directly from home to PVOUTPUT. ENPHASE site they are displaying: "Enlighten is experiencing data display issues. We are investigating and will provide an update as soon as one is available. "


No, not really. I have had my system for 3 months now and this is the second time it has happened - last time the downtime was only 8 hours or so… this time is few days. Somebody really messed up at Enphase.


Cool… Hopefully they fix it by morning.


I would guess that the inverters are still talking to the Envoy unit, correct? If that is correct is there anyway to pull the numbers for the day directly from the Envoy unit?

My system was actually working through yesterday (10/20/2019) evening at the end of production (Mountain Time - US).

Note: I have an old (2013) Envoy with M215 inverters.


Looks like its back. I see yesterday’s #s.


Yes, they seem to be up and catching up on the data. Slowly populating what is missing on Sunday for me at this point in time. Still no data for the 21st and today, but my Envoy now says “connected” to Enlighten so we should be good by eod today


Seems to be down again? Cant even login.


Yes, it appears they are totally dead in the water… What a clusterfcuk. I am sure their IT folks will be doing some soul searching…


I think they are all caught up now. The soul searching and resume brushing shall begin


Yesterday is still empty for me. Will pvoutput eventually catch up with Enphase and fill in the gaps?


I cant get into app. Is it working for you guys?


No. Pvoutput will not catch up previous days. At least it does not for me. You will need to enter your daily production (and whatever else you are exporting to pvoutput) manually.

The app is up and running. Has been since yesterday. It is very likely that they run a cloud solution consisting of several servers and while some can be up (for me) others can be down (for you). I hope they get everything up and running in short order.


Yea, My app is down. I can logon via browser but does not show my array info. When I logon using browser via mobile, it shows everything…


I’ve previously posted an Excel spreadsheet that can be used to download historical production from Enphase and then upload it to PVOutput. See the post here --> Enphase to PVOutput