Enphase Consumption with 3rd party CTs


This one’s a bit technical.
We’ve installed a 90kW system using Enphase.
Due to the constraints of the standard Enphase 200A CTs we have 1000/5 CTs on the mains (consumption) with the secondary of these CTs wound 20 times around the Enphase 200A CTs.
This gives us a ratio of 10:1 actual:measured current.
The Envoy is set up as nett metering, ie the consumption CTs also see the output of the inverters.
The production CTs are standard and are reading 1:1
Production CTs are Primary, Direction ‘solar’.
Consumption CTs are Secondary, Direction ‘net’ - I had them as Consumption but the consumption was tracking production.
I have a rule in the secondary device- power *= 10;
Solar is displaying correctly but consumption is showing zero.
What obvious noob mistake have I made?


The Auto Uploader doesn’t support Net direction for Enphase.

The request for consumption data the Enphase meter via the Enlighten are only showing positive “enwh” values.

The documentation doesn’t mention anything about net meters.