Enphase Auto Uploader


Discussion on the Enphase Auto Uploader


Enphase Auto uploader reports data from the panel microinverters, not the solar CT.
So if you have added microinverters to a legacy string inverter all you see on pvoutput is the micros.
This can be handy to distinguish the outputs of the two systems.
The customer view on Enlighten aggregates the legacy and Enphase outputs.


Hi BB,
I have a number of sites using the Envoy with third party inverters. The inverters report to Enlighten via the production CTs but this doesn’t show on PVOutput, only the micro’s outputs are displayed. Is there a method to display the CT values instead of the micro reported values?


Probably not since all the information is retrieved via Enlighten API, so we are limited to what is provided / supported by Enlighten.