Enphase auto download not syncing consumption and Solar generation


Keep having trouble getting both generation and consumption it only syncs consumption only a manual refresh of API works most the time disabling then enabling works but not all the time and can someone tell me if the net function works on Enphase when I tried 3 days with no data


Not the expert, but I have an Enphase / Enlighten system with Consumption CT’s on the main feed and PVOutput reports both with no issues. My system:


Enphase section of the helpfile:

"Restrictions and Limitations

The Both direction is not supported on Enphase Auto Upload. To upload both generation and consumption from Enphase, setup the primary device as Solar and a secondary device as Consumption using the same Enphase API details."

Even though it only mentions “Both” and not “Net”, I followed the above in setting up my system. You’re a donator, so you shouldn’t have any issue setting up the secondary device.



Confirming the response @lennybig is correct.

You will need to setup -

  • Primary Device - Enphase, Direction - Solar
  • Secondary Device - Enphase, Direction - Consumption


Thanks for the information when I first set it up it did work once since then I’ve been changing between solar and consumption