Just noticed PVOUTPUT is not getting readings from enphase enlighten. Saw this on their web site just now at 11:15est NY.
Enlighten is experiencing display issues for recent data. No data loss has occurred and we are working to make all data available and visible. We will provide an update as soon as one is available.


OK is not PVOUTPUT getting all the data for today? I see a partially loaded data here starting about 11am EST NY. https://pvoutput.org/intraday.jsp?id=7551&sid=6577


Also it seems the POWER graph on enlighten web site shows all the data from 7:20am to current time so they indeed have the data. But why does not PVOUTPUT pick it up? Enlighten web site shows wrong numbers only from 11am onward in the fixes state text statistics like below like PVOUTPUT shows.
Today 12.6 kWh <== wrong 24+ or more by now
Peak: 5.95 kW at 11:10 AM
Latest: 3.42 kW at 1:20 PM


This has happened in the past. If I recall the fix is to edit your pvoutput.org setup and then save - you don’t have to change anything it just needs to be reset. If the length of time is too long pvoutput will stop attempting to read and has to be reset.


Its not the same…enlighten had the issue. They started collecting data again and even they on their own site show parts of their data from 11am onward only for today for my system so PVOUTPUT would get nothing more I think. The question becomes where in the API does PVOUTPUT get its results for the 5 minute stored value from enphase even though enphase pulls 15 minute intervals from my home enlighten itself and shows inconsistent of start time today…as stated the POWER panel view at enphase site for my system where one can play the power shows it starting at 7:20am on but their text data statistic on the same page on the right of that play of production to point in time of day shows a value only from 11am onward which is wrong. I will override the days entry if i must but hope enphase fixes it before mid night today. So PVOUTPUT matches what enphase shows as text stats. Here is that picture i refer to on enphase enlighten site.


It seems that enphase will not have the data fixed before mid night tonight such that PVOUTPUT will pull the final set of data. It would be nice if Bloke put in a feature that allowed us to repull the data for days like today especially with a perfect production arch day I needed to capture as it happens to be the first full day of sun after an inverter was replaced just days ago. Yes I can update the days produciton number but cant update the 5 minute interval PVOUTPUT pulls normally. Or is there this feature I missed?


PVOutput will only retrieve the full history of the current day, if Enphase is still down a day later the previous day’s data will not be retrieved.


I’ve been able to download the five minute production (power, not energy) data from my Envoy unit up to seven days after the fact. The five minute data can then be uploaded to PVOutput. PVOutput converts the power data to energy data. I’ve done this three times over the past 4 and a half years.


You can also get it through the enlighten site - it will email you the production report over the last week in a .csv format - just edit it to get your missing data - then upload it to the pvoutput.org site


My system is not reporting data to PVOutput today. Although it is reporting it to my Enlighten page. Guess I will be doing the manual load yet again.

I wish Enphase would up their game a bit. But given the company’s financial status my guess is this is just the beginning of a long term decline.


Same, PVOUTUT showing no generation or consumption today despite data on the Enphase page. I am surprised that I have no entry at all for today in PVouput.