Enhance cumulative flag on Add Status API

BB, as I mentioned long ago, the Add Status API has a deficiency in that the c1 flag applies to both v1 and v3 specified in the same push. So if I want to send v1 as a day counter and v3 as a lifetime counter then I have to make 2 independent pushes which is undesirable from both a client and server perspective. Would it be possible to add a c3 flag to overcome this (i.e. c3=0 or c3=1 for v3)? Clearly for backwards compatibility if c3 is not present then c1 should apply to both v1 and v3 as now.

Alternately something like: c1=1 applies to v1 and v3; c1=2 applies to v1 only; c1=3 applies to v3 only.

Updated as an Idea for consideration.

This feature is now available using the new c1 options 2 and 3.

  • c1=1 - Cumulative for both
  • c1=2 - Cumulative for generation only
  • c1=3 - Cumulative for consumption only