Energy values reading from PV system and electricity bill differ - Support for Enphase Auto Uploader Rules


For the months April until June, my Enphase PV system has a reading of:
Exported energy: 1925 kWh
Imported energy: 609 kWh

Now, I got my first 3-month-bill for the same period from my electicity company, an this has a slightly different reading:
Exported energy: 2208 kWh
Imported energy: 640 kWh

So, the bill reads about 15% more energy delivered to the grid, and about 5% more energy imported from the grid.

Is there anything I can do, tune in PVOutput to get this readings closer together? As I see, I can apply rules here in PVOutput, but “only” for Power adjustements, and not for Energy adjustments, right? Is this the one and only choice I have to adjust this? I assume, that the electricity meter from the power company is more accurate than the power CT’s (current transformer) from the Enphase installation…


Usually for a system reporting only power then any rule adjustment to power would affect the resulting calculated energy as well.

Enphase reports both (change in energy) and power. In this case rules that update power would not update energy reported by Enphase.

And I assume there is neither an existing nor a planned solution in PVOutput to fine adjust those values from Enphase by a free choosable multiplicator or so?

The change would be for the Auto Uploader to ignore energy from Enphase when there is a rule present that changes power.

This should be available in the next update.

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Sounds good.
Due to my bad english, only to understand: When this change is finally implemented, I will be able to adjust Imported Energy and Exported Energy values by a rule ( e.g. a free selectable factor or multiplicator) before beeing further processed within PVOutput - and then the readings and graphs within PVOutput can/will match with those readings from my electricity meter?


Yes, the rule power change will override the Enphase energy reading.

This should be available in the next update.

I assume, this function will be available on the next major update? It isn’t already implemented, right? No problem, I’m going to have a look at the release notes every occasionally…


This topic will be updated when the change has been implemented.

This change has been made.

When there is an Enphase Auto Uploader Rule the energy data from Enphase will be ignored and will be calculated from the power value modified by the rule.


Wow, thanks a lot.
Now I have to do my homework and calculate how much the power data between Enphase and my electricity supplier deviates on average per year.