Energy Used - Wrong value after 13:00

I’m sending the energy value with comulative flag=1, it seems ok until 13:00

Do you have a clock set wrong somewhere? You have 12:00AM showing twice on the same day’s data but with two different dates.

Did something go wrong with the start of daylight savings?

I can’t see the same output from the web page :frowning: some config between server/laptop dayligth saivings?

Once the nonsensical Energy Used values start appearing the actual number doesn’t change.

On the 21st it is 198.790 [ 13:00 ]
On the 22nd it is 597.640 [ 20:50 ]
On the 23rd it is 590.930 [ 01:05 ]

Since the power used figures look sensible the problem must be with the value being pushed for ‘v3’ or the way the c1 flag is being used / interpreted together with the v3 value.

The nonsensical Energy Used values start appearing at different times on the different dates. There must be some significance to this too!

How do the data get from your inverter to PVO?

I already found the problem,
I use a shelly EM for solar + shelly 3EM for the house, then I use homeassistant + nodered to make the consumption calculations.

I found that sometimes the homeassistant can’t get values from shelly 3EM, and then the calculations made by nodered between shelly’s come out wrong…
I will have to validate the values in nodered before sending via API, because after sending a single higher value of energy consumed there is no possible correction for that day.