Energy Used is not filled by api post request

Hi! Tried to send this url:

Results in pvoutput:
Power: 6,340W, Energy Used: 0.00kWh Power Used: 1,626W, Energy: 13.204kWh.

Don’t know how the Energy Used is calculated, or why it is zero at my side?

When using “c1” lifetime energy the first request of the day will always record energy as 0.

The second request 5-minutes later will record the difference between these two values.

  • t=15:56&v3=13948317&c1=1 - Used = 0Wh
  • t=16:01&v3=13948320&c1=1 - Used = 3Wh

thanks, is this the same with the v1 energy generation ?

Hi @schusterklaus1

According to the online help the c1 flag can be set in several ways to determine lifetime ( or not ) energy consumption AND / OR energy generation.

Cumulative Energy

The following values are valid for the c1 flag.

  • 1 - Both v1 and v3 values are lifetime energy values.
  • 2 - Only v1 generation is a lifetime energy value.
  • 3 - Only v3 consumption is a lifetime energy value.

don’t know what I am doing wrong:
Energy used is about 2975kWh the whole day.

My last upload: result = OK 200: Added Status

All is ok, but the energy used is not sumed up:

Hi @schusterklaus1

I just took a look at your CONSUMPTION data. Both POWER and ENERGY appear. Have you inadvertently switched off something in your PVO ‘view’?

Your GENERATION figures dwarf your CONSUMPTION figures ( are both correct? ). With the GENERATION figures displayed the CONSUMPTION figures are scaled and barely visible. Your GENERATION is appear as around 10 x CONSUMPTION. Is this correct too?


Hi @schusterklaus1,

I had another look at your graphs today. Your CONSUMPTION and GENERATION figures ( kWh ) both appear. The figures are both plotted to the same axis on the main chart. Because your GENERATION dwarfs CONSUMPTION the CONSUMPTION data are barely visible when all chart elements are plotted.

With the Extended Data parameters [ v7 … v12 ] it is possible to specify which axis is used for a given value. There does not appear to be a similar option for the Standard Parameters. You may need to ask @bankstownbloke for a ‘feature upgrade’.


what’s at the moment wrong, if:

  • export and consumption are wrong values
  • import and generated are right

post url:
d 20230530
t 19:52
v1 49119600
v2 199
v3 14031801
v4 666.3
v6 235.9
Sending data to

example at 7:53pm on 30th of may 2023 if you would check the graph.
there must should be at the moment:
export: 37,721kWh and consumption 26,596kWh not export: 53,569kWh and consumption: 10,409kWh.


When using lifetime uploads “c1=1” it is best note what the initial/first value of the day sent was. Any value after this value should be greater and the difference between the two (current - initial) is recorded as the “v1” and “v3”.

If this is too complex then best to omit “v1”, “v3” and “c1=1” and only send “v2” and “v4”. Energy will be calculated instead.