Energy Used 'flatlines' Uploading from IoTaWatt - Resolved


PVoutput System No. 22252

For six years I’ve successfully been using SBFspot on a Raspberry Pi to upload generation from my SMA 4kWp inverter.

I’ve also successfully been using an IoTaWatt uploading to emoncms for around 18mths.

On Saturday 2nd March, after sundown at 1745 I switched off the RPi & SBFspot and set the IoTaWatt to upload generation and consumption from 1800 which was successful as you can see from my PVoutput graph. Sunday 3rd is also OK.

However for the past three days the Energy Used (pink) graph flatlines from different times of the day even though Power Used continues to be logged.

Any ideas what the cause of this could be given that it worked for a couple of days? Not yet becoming a PVoutput donor, the IoTaWatt but the maths is done in PVoutput isn’t it, something else?

I assume my temperature recording became static / not recorded was as a result of Wunderground switching off their API?

I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

Thank you.


Energy only stays the same when power is 0W. If power is greater than 0W and energy is static then the uploading script is sending its own energy which is incorrect.

To allow PVOutput to calculate energy, only send power (v4) and omit sending energy (v3)


@ bankstownbloke

Thanks for responding. The issue was my incorrect setup of IoTaWatt and I post the thread here which I trust is OK?