Energy used data not retained by PVoutput

Hello I wondered if anyone could give me some advice or even better a solution.

I’ve been uploading data for a few years without any trouble with a Arduino board. In november I lost my energy used data completly when I swapped to a PZEM-016 to get raw data (from previously recording the pulse from my electric meter). I still upload with a modified arduino code and all the other data seems to be fine.
I’ve got a serial print of the data sent to PVoutput, and even if I send this manually through the web browser it comes back as “OK 200: Added status” so the data is accepted but v3 value data doesn’t get stored even though it is increasing during the day.

here is an example of what it sends with my key hashed out:-

PVoutput seems to be making up its own values of bwtween 0.038 to 0.004kwh from 12:05AM, some days it goes up a little during the day, sometimes it stays at this value.

I was playing around with it at the weekend on sunday sending stuff manually and it seemed to be doing something different and looked like it had the energy values even though it still was not storing the actual data I was sending, its very strange.

do I now need to add flags to this data maybe?

It also started happening around the time I suscribed to the Extended Data. I found this post which seems to describe the same behavior:-

is it a bug in the programming? I only have instantaneous data and cannot batch upload logs as was the solution in that case.


Hi Ross.

In the example that you’ve given above v3=0.85. This seems to be a very low value.

Both v3 and v4 are expected to be Whr not kWhr. Is the value that you are pushing a Whr value?


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Thanks Grannos, you are correct I needed to multiply by 1000 to give Whr. When I changed the code I missed this step.

Thank you

I am contacting you as you appear to have an arduino board feeding data to pv output. I need some very basic help with the cable connections to my arduino board which is connected to an aps ecu3. The USB port in the arduino is connected to the usb outlet on the ecu ? The ethernet port in the arduino is connected to the rear of the ecu ?
Any other connections ?
If not, I am puzzled as to how the arduino sends data to pv output.
Maybe the arduino is wifi . Hoping you can assist a novice

Hi @surfup. I use an Arduino to wirelessly extract the PAC figure from my inverter and to display that value on a 7 segment LED display. I haven’t used an Arduino to upload data to PVO.

I do use a Raspberry Pi to both extract data from my inverter and to push that information to PVO.

Depending on the type of Arduino that you are using and the type of networking [ WiFi or Ethernet ] there are a few possibilities.

The Arduino will need power from somewhere. This could be a local battery or power supply or it could be powered by a USB connection to something that will provide power. If you have the right HAT installed the Arduinio could also be powered by PoE [ Power over Ethernet ] from a Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable.

I am not familiar with the APS ECU3. If it has a RJ45 socket that socket could be used for a LAN / Internet connection but it could also be for some sort of serial communications or other diagnostic data.

Obviously the Arduino will need to be able to connect to the Internet in order to upload data to PVO. Is this being done Wirelessly or via Ethernet in your case?