Energy Used and Power Used from Solaredge config?


I am unable to configure the platform to retrieve the Energy Used and power used Power Used.
Does anyone know which setting do I need to focus to make sure please.


If you have attached a device to your electrical power lines and your PV output you can do so. If you don’t the solaredge monitoring site can supply only the solar production…it has no means of determining how much power you consume.


Thank you for the assistance! another disappointment from solaredge I suppose… that company has been a pain from day one… I should have gone for another inverter but they make it too hard to resist for new buyers


A means to monitor your energy used in your household is not a standard feature of any inverter. In fact, due to the way inverters are connected to a residential panel, this is not even possible without additional equipment outside of the inverter. I don’t know have or know much about SolarEdge inverters, but on this particular topic, they are no different than any other inverter supplier.


I believe @pjschaffer is correct. Consumption monitoring seems like an add on for most all systems. I am also not familiar with Solaredge, but I believe you can add the capability. Do an internet search for “solaredge ct monitor” or “solaredge modbus meter”. Looks like they have accessories available, just have to see which ones one are needed based on your setup. I have an Enphase system with Enlighten, and all it took was 2 $25 CT consumption meters that I installed myself after my system was installed. (It’s definitely a bigger pain to do it later, and the Solaredge system looks like it might a little more complicated to setup than Enphase for CT monitoring. I don’t know why they don’t bring it up when selling a system. Consumption is just as important to monitor as production in my opinion, and it’s easy to do it when they are installing the system.) If you’re not comfortable working in an electrical panel, have an electrician help you out.


Thanks guys for your feedback in fact I just found out I have a solaredge modbus meter hidden in the wall of my mains.

And i have got the information I need !!! Now waiting to capture the AC Voltage from the grid is is the most important info for all solar performance systems


So, how did you get PVOutput to accept your SolarEdge Modbus data?

I have been unable to make that work myself. I only get energy/power generation values, even though I know the SolarEdge API is providing consumption data as well.


Same with me.