Energy provider service charge has a fix and a variable part?


I live in Switzerland, where my energy service provider applies a splittet service charge (debit):

  • A fix basic service charge: per month
  • A varibale basic charge: per kWh used, Peak as well as Off Peak

As I see, it’s currently not possible to enter a variable charge. So the only way to get a proper calculation of the debit part is to enter the charge retrospectively when the year is over and then to recalculate the whole past year. :neutral_face:

Would it be possible that you implement the possibility to enter a fix service charge based an a time span (e.g. a month) and a variable servcie charge based on used kWh - splitted in Peak and Off Peak?

I could imagine that I’m not the only one in the world with this kind of service charge from the energy provider…

Kind regards

The ‘Service Charge’ charge can be used to enter a daily charge amount. The monthly amount needs to be divided into a daily amount i.e. (monthly*12/365)

Yes, but that’s no solution if you have a service charge based on imported kilowatt-hours. If I understand you right, there is no consideration to implement such a feature.


Sorry, missed the second requirement. Changed this to an idea if anyone else is interested.