Energy Production

Today (10th July) I notice I had a break in my energy upload data between 11.50am and 2:40pm which was probably due to wifi connectivity. The problem however is when the integration service resumed upload again at 2:40pm it just resumed where it left off at 11:50am. The data at 11:50am was 14.105 kwh while that for 2:40pm was 14.731 kwh showing that the integration service pick up the energy production from 11:55am. How do I get the integartion service to start at 2:40 pm where energy production would be a lot more. It happens like this all the time when there is a break in the wifi.

The powerwall gateway only provides power (w) data and the energy (wh) values are calculated from these. When there are missing records, the energy would be lower than the actual production/consumption.

The powerwall doesn’t provide historic power values or energy to recover gaps in the data.