Energy generation not adding on statistics page?


If your logger has a history logfile, perhaps you could post the 10 upload strings prior to a timestamp when the average drops to zero, and a few others after, so the format of the upload can be checked. Some other threads have identified that sometimes you might need to be uploading ‘-1’ or some other number in a field you have no data for.


At 11:45 on the 24th your average power was shown as 408W whereas the instantaneous power recorded around that time are 336W, 336W, 245W and 213W. This seem a bit weird.

What time source does your monitoring hardware use? (NTP?) is the system clock stable?

Are you only making a single 5 minutely push to PVO every 5 minutes?



I have no history, but I can monitor the output and send you the strings upoaded (when back at home). I upload every 5minutes and use NTP. - the string shows the key, time, and v2 only as far as I understand.

And indeed the average is weird! I
Don’t know how it is being calculated, it seems to have nothing to do with the data I provide!

Thank you all for your replies!


Average power is calculated from the energy provided (v1).

If you stop sending v1 then this will fix the problem.



As I wrote in the thread, I stopped sending v1, and send only v2… and this is why I don’t understand the calculation…:slight_smile:


If v1 isn’t sent the the calculated average orange line will always be be same as the green line.

Double check the HTTP data that is being sent.



Ok, I will try double check when back at home- I will then tell you here about the results!


The upload script is definitely still sending v1, the latest upload received as -


The v1 value sent 43.67 is lower than the currently registered 267. This is not valid and the value is ignored. Since energy is not increasing your average power is 0W.



Thanks once again! I wilm doublecheck it whrn back at home! Maybe I removed the value in one place or forgot to upload the new code to arduino…:((

I will report tomorrow!



Indeed, I somehow pushed the old software with v1 to the logger - now as I upgraded it once again in the morning today, everything seems to work out fine!

Thank you for the great support!