Energy estimation at 0 since yesterday

I am uploading via addstatus API. Since yesterday at 15:00 EET, energy estimation is 0 for sid=74198. At first, I thought it was some glitch and deleted yesterday’s data in the afternoon. But also today energy estimation is zero constantly. I am uploading a second system using the same method and this system is not affected. The affected sid has surpassed 2 million Wh. As I am recording cumulative energy in v10, data in v10 are correct. Was there any change that happened yesterday?

EDIT: @bankstownbloke Also trying to upload live data using csv does not help

Can you please post a screenshot where it is showing 0.

This is at live, daily, monthly and yearly views.
The issue started on 20/10/2022 at 15:00 EET
For the days 20-24, I manually estimated and edited daily energy.

Thanks for this, the problem was the cumulative value was too large > 2.1B

It should now be able to handle values greater than this and energy will start recording starting tomorrow 26/10.

Its possible to fix the existing days by deleting them and re-uploading, this fixes the starting cumulative value.