Energy demand management Python Based Application

Hello PVOutput community,
My name is Mohssin and im from morocco, im kindly new here, i just figured out that my new application can add something to this community,

In breif, i’ve made this application under python, the main goal behind it, is to generate a time table of household appliences,i.e find an emplacement indside the pv curve so the load can take all thier need from pv directly, so we can improve the autoconsumption rate,

i have measured 4 appliences, include Oven, Dishwasher, Micro waves, Laundry, “controlable appliences”, then i 've used Solcast API to predict the hourly power generation for a given location and pv array size,

This what the application look like :
(i’ve uploaded 4 images but new users can only upload one :smile: )


unfortunately the size of this application is near to 150Mo and my connexion can’t upload it quickly, so i’ll try to leave it all the day hope it w’ll be uploaded then i’ll share the link with you…


Nice development! Let me know once it is available online!