Energononitor has been failing lately

Anyone else seen this ?
Not a PVOutput issue
I have the IAM devices monitoring about 9 power outlets in the house and they have ALL gone offline in the app.energomonitor.cz webpage.

The little energomonitor gateway is still showing values from them all so this is an energomonoitor cloud/host issue. Tried rebooting it to force sending - same issue.

Also (and this does affect my pvo) - I set a black brick monitor with two wires - one for power only and one to hot water, and then as they are set to three phase by default, they add them both to give me total power (0), which is what is used to send to PVO and calculate export/import etc.

This has stopped working now (the totaling I mean) - this was handy for me as I could see at a glance the hot water use (as it is a separate circuit). Its is still reading the individual circuits, just no longer totaling them up…

I have found this relates to anything set to three phase power on their sensors on their website.
Anything set like that does NOT produce any values…

More info on this - it seems pvoutput is being updated, but it is about 3 hours behind my actual time.
I have no idea whats going on.

All working again today when i got up!!!

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