Energomonitor to pvoutput


Hi all
I am swapping from using a netbook connected directly to my inverter and consumption meter to using an Energomonitor Gateway. I have successfully connected my consumption meter to the gateway and the gateway is successfully uploading to https://app.energomonitor.com.

My problem is pvoutput is not showing data from https://app.energomonitor.com. I have entered my Energomonitor username and password in the pvoutput settings.

Any ideas on what I have missed?



Check that the following streams are present in the energo monitor portal for the device:

  • S1 Solar Generation for solar
  • P3 Metered Power for consumption

Otherwise enter in the stream names to retrieve in the PVOutput config:



This is what I have in the Energo settings…


I have it working… I entered the circled name into pvoutput



OK new problem. I now have two sensors each clamped to the consumption and solar generation. Both are showing on Energomonitor, however neither is showing in pvoutput. I have used the name as displayed in Energomonitor which solved my previous problem. I reckon it is to do with the pvoutput settings. I have tried a ‘direction’ of ‘both’ and ‘net’ and neither seems to work. Any ideas?


The valid streams for your setup are -

  • P3 Metered Power
  • S1 Solar Generation
  • Import 2
  • Export 2

However, there are two streams both labelled P3 Metered Power, rename one so they are unique. Otherwise the first one will be picked.


I now only have one PS Metered Power. This is what I have:

What should my pvoutput settings be?

(Removed API key image)

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Seems to be working I think.

Need to see what happens after actual power generation, seems like there is about 500w of ghost night generation. I guess I can create a rule or add a ferrite suppressor somewhere.

Not sure why the temperature from my weather station isn’t being picked up???



Temperature has been set to v7 and will not show on the main graph.


Can you tell me why pvoutput.org isn’t showing my data when https://app.energomonitor.com is.



Can you confirm there is any data on the configured sensors?

  • Sensor s2t1
  • Sensor s0t1


s2t1 is the solar which is wrong as it’s showing data after sunset
there is no s0t1
s1t1 is the consumption which looks correct



The following sensors have been configured on PVOutput -

  • Sensor s2t1
  • Sensor s0t1

Please change them to the correct ones.


I change the setting in pvoutput.org, it says changes saved, but when I go back in the changed setting is showing the old setting. Also, it’s the consumption sensor name that is wrong, solar is correct so why isn’t solar at least showing.


The energo API for your device will only allow the following streams to be downloaded -

  • Export 2
  • Import 2
  • P3 Metered Power
  • S1 Solar Generation

Anything else won’t return any data.


So what settings should I use?


Stream Out and Stream In should be left blank.


Hi BB, rather than start a new thread i might tack on my issue. I’m having a similar issue in getting pvoutput to upload my energomonitor data. I’ve snapshotted my current settings for pvoutput and energomonitor could you advise what I’m doing wrong? (Note: the PVOutput snapshot ive put the direction to “Both” but no success either).



The details look correct, change the direction to Both and save.


Hi BB, I’ve changed it and waited for an hour but it hasn’t worked.