Energomonitor data not loading


I have (had) 2 CurrentCost transmitters uploading data through a gateway to Energomonitor and passed on to PVoutput. The 3-phase transmitter for consumption died in February during a holiday, so I did not attend to it for a while. Meanwhile the solar transmitter kept working fine - to Energomonitor and then on to PVoutput.
On March 18 I swapped transmitters to establish a hardware failure - now the “consumed power” took place to the generated power in the uploads - as expected.
Since March 21 all uploads from Energomonitor to PVoutput stopped for no apparent reason.
2 days ago (March 26) the faulty transmitter was replaced with a new one. The Energomonitor site went back to recording 3-phase consumption and solar generation as it should, but there is still no upload to PVoutput. How can I get this re-established?


Generally, the Auto Uploader will stop trying to download from the source after 24 hours of consecutive errors.

To re-enabled edit the PVOutput system and Save


Sorry B, tried this, but it’s still not working


The generation stream name S1 Solar Generation is used but this is missing from from energo setup.

It has been replaced by Solar - Circuit 2.

Enter this in the Stream Out setting.


The energo dashboard should show what streams have been setup and their names.


Back in business! I thoroughly overlooked the significance of an empty textbox, especially since the renaming of the stream occurred on another system.
Thanks for your ongoing support!