Enecsys & Enphase microinverters on same system?


I recently had two failed Enecsys microinverters replaced with Enphase units and have an envoy unit installed to monitor the new inverters.

I have had my enecsys inverters uploading data to PVOutput via the Aloaha Energy Monitor site but would like to have the Enphase inverter data combined with the output data from my Enecsys inverters.

Is this even possible or will the new inverters need to be treated as a new system?


Both Enphase and enecsys will need to upload to their own systems then the aggregation feature can be used to combined the two into a third parent system.


Thanks for that. I’ll give it a go.


OK, so it seems to be half working however there is a weird issue where the data from the smaller system keeps overriding the original one. I’ll check it once and the aggregated data shows, then the next time I check it only the data from the smaller system shows. This has been alternating ever since I added the enphase inverters. Images show the issue.

No doubt this is something simple I’ve got wrong but I have no idea how to fix it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


There should be a third system, the parent system, that receives the data from both child systems. The parent does not receives data directly but only via its children.

If there are only two systems parent/child then each time the child receives data it will overwrite the parent.


Thank you so much. Looks like that has done the trick.

I really appreciate your help!


Is there a way to import historical child system data from two systems into a new aggregated parent system?


It isn’t possible to aggregate historic live data.