EKM Meter stopped uploading to PVOutput - Solved

I had some problems with my EKM Metering and my solar was off for a few days - since Feb 16 2021. All up now and if I check EKM

My solar use is uploading


My supply is uploading


The data is not appearing in PVOutput though.

I’m going down on the ladder day by day


Any suggestions for figuring out why data is not appearing in PVOutput after working for several years? No API/Hardward changes. The solar was off for the last few days though and is now up and running. I can see the data is getting out, at least to the EKM widget, but not PvOutput.

Any suggestions gratefully considered.

thanks, Lerwick

When a feed goes offline for more than 24hrs it is removed from the download schedule.

Re-enable by editing the system and Save.

thanks for the suggestion @bankstownbloke I’ve made a few changes to the settings

  • changed account setting ‘instant messaging’ from enabled to disabled and then back to enabled
  • changed system name from “Lerwick” to “Lerwick’s” and saved
  • changed report interval from “never” to “weekly” and saved
  • deleted and re-entered the API Keys under Automatic Downloads for Primary and Secondary device.

PVOutput hasn’t started picking up data after about an hour, I’ll recheck tomorrow morning. Data is still visible through the ekmmetering website updating every minute, I can tell data is uploading to that website. Till tomorrow. Thanks!

Looks like an EKM meter / server error -

Replace M****w with the full key

Works fine with the demo meter, which means meter 15299 is misconfigured somehow.

Thanks again @bankstownbloke

When I changed the url and substituted my meter number and key I keep getting the server error message.

I then went to directly to


Which is the ‘Realtime API Builder’

As soon as I entered the first field, which is the key, I get an error message

The key you entered is not a valid EKM Push key, please copy and paste your key.

It’s interesting as the the https://widget.ekmmetering.com/ website shows data is getting to EKM but https://www.ekmpush.com/realtime.html doesn’t like the key.

I raised a support call with EKM and will follow up there and see if they know why the key is showing up as invalid. I’ll update as soon as they get back to me.

thanks again for your help,



I got on the EKM website and found a troubleshooting document

And found this info:

How to diagnose what the problem is by looking at your data via the New Account Portal:

All EKM Push users can access the new Account Portal. Starting in February 2020 we began inviting EKM Push users to register their EKM Push Account Portal. If you have an EKM Push account and have not yet registered, we encourage you do to so here: https://api.ekmpush.com/account/register.html

So I registered and found that new API keys had been allocated and set PVOutput settings to the new keys. Now it is working again.

I’m not 100% sure but it looks like EKM made a change at some point (Feb 2020) and the old key stopped working now (Feb 2021), looks all good now after entering new keys.


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