Efergy usage over-recording

Not specifically PVOutput…

I am recording my consumption using Efergy Engage Hub Kit which is then used in PVOutput

Over the last 2-3 months I have noticed my consumption increasing. IE my 3kW hotwater is now recording as ~5.5kW

This figure is in Efergy, and is being bought into PVOutput as the same. This is NOT a PVOutput issue, but keen to see if anyone else can add further thoughts. (I have emailed Efergy through their website, but have not received an y response).

Hi @keyboardengineer. Before I had my Fronius Smart Meter installed I used an Efergy Engage Hub to measure household consumption [ 3 Phase ].

When comparing Efergy’s figures to my actual utility meter there was around a 8% variance. As I recall when the Energy unit is initially setup you need to manually input the mains voltage. Since the Efergy unit only measures current ( indirectly ) using CT clamps and calculated the kWh ( or W I guess ) is there any change that the VOLTAGE has been mis-set / altered / reset?

If the clamp became faulty I would have expected to become less sensitive rather than more sensitive.

What’s the rated power of the element(s) in the HWS?

As an aside the Smart Meter and the utility meter are in perfect alignment [ installed in August 2018 ]


Power rating of cylinder element is 1 x 3kw element.
This image is my solar production from a 4.95kW array (on 5kW inverter)
As you can see, reported value is increasing.
(Data gap in January is from loss of WIFI coverage).

This is an 3kW irrigation pump (with some small additional miscellaneous loads)
As of 2 December the load has been reporting as increasing.
I am seeing this on all my load monitoring and solar production monitoring.

Thanks Grannos. I have learned that the batteries in the Efergy senders were failing. Replaced them and everything returned to “normal”

That’s another possibility. Much like battery powered smoke detectors the ‘problem’ usually starts in the middle of the night or on colder days when the ambient temperature is lower and the battery chemistry is less effective… :slight_smile: