Efergy upload recently failing following solar upgrade


I have migrated from current cost to efegy, this was working fine until I bought the solar upgrade and instead of using PWER, I now use PWER_GAC. Now I am getting no data import into the site.

Response from http://www.energyhive.com/mobile_proxy/getCurrentValuesSummary?token=xxx test;


I would also like to enter PWER, PWER_EXPORT and PWER_IMPORT but getting solar back would be a start.

All help gratefully received …



The Efergy is not reporting correctly.

The ‘age’ value indicates the number of seconds since the value was updated, this should not be any greater than 300 or 5-minutes.

A value of 1542397988 is back in 1970s.

The data value ‘396582000’ or the timestamp should closer to 1542795910 as reported by https://www.unixtimestamp.com/

Best to contact Efergy support.


Thanks for getting back so quickly.

I think the way the response looks depends on the headers sent with the GET query.
With content-type:text/html I think you get unix timestamp.
With content-Type:application/json I suspect you get age in seconds.
I think. Mebbe. I’ll try to knock up some CURL to check, thanks.



Nope. Same outcome in both cases.


OK, the short answer is it was ntp, for two days I was rebooting the wrong hub (I have a smartmeter hub and a solar hub). They used to look identical, one now has Solar written on it and the other has Smart. Thanks for the pointer. I’ll go stand in the corner with the pointy hat on.