Efergy Setup (Usage and solar)


I have tried reading the previous posts on this topic, but am still having some issues getting any readings in PVOutput.

I have created a token in the engage hub, and when i test the token i get:

Under the automatic uploads section in PVOutput i have set primary device to Efergy and direction to consumption, put in my token. For Power i have used PWER.816002 and for secondary power i have used PWER_SUB.800624 and set it to subtract.

Would any one be willing to walk me through what i am doing wrong, or offer some things to try. After i save the settings and go to “your Outputs” it says “This system has not recorded any outputs.”


The token entered on PVOutput is incorrect. Test by entering -


Thank you for the reply,

But i dont understand why the token is incorrect, i enter the token i used into that link you sent and get the same data as i posted before, i.e. PWER.816002 and PWER_SUB.800624


The token entered is definitely incorrect.

Going to the address -

Shows -

{"status":"error","description":"bad token"}


Thank you, i double checked it, and can see that for some reason, when i copy the token across, it doesnt include the 1 at the end of the token.


So moving forward, i have put my consumption CT in the “power” box and solar CT in the “secondary power” box, with the solar being subtract. Is this correct?

This is what i currently see


This is how my graph looks with just the solar sensor connected.


Secondary device is Grayed out


With only two CT’s I assume you electrical system is single phase. The placement of the CT’s determines what they measure. If your system has solar one CT measures NET consumption and the other measures Solar Production. If one is placed on one of the main conductors entering your electrical panel or just after the main breaker it measures NET power, if it is placed on one of the lines going to or from the house loads it measures CONSUMPTION. Your graph seems to indicate that with your settings you are adding CONSUMPTION and SOLAR.
I assume that Power is CONSUMPTION and change the setting to Consumption or Net depending on where the first CT is installed and Secondary Power is SOLAR and I would change the latter to “Opposite” and see if that corrects the problem.
Best setup CT 1 measures Consumption and CT 2 measures Solar Production and the flow in opposite directions per Efergy:


Clearly that sensor is measuring house load as well as solar production.
What does the graph look like in the Efergy Engage platform? PVO won’t look right until the Efergy Engage charts are looking right!
Looks like you need to move this solar CT clamp to a different wire, so it is measuring just solar output and nothing else.


In this image you can see my solar CT clamp coming out of the the CB that is fed from my inverter, this wire goes to the house side of main CB. I then have the consumption CT connected to the wire coming from meter into the main CB. On the house side of the main 80 amp CB there are 3 wires, i.e. solar, and 2 wires which go to 2 40amp CB which are for upstairs and downstairs power distribution.


Some days my engage hub looks like this, with the solar being a nice curve.


Other days it is very up and down

  1. From the shapes of the lines, it seems the ‘generation’ curve in PVO in post Efergy Setup (Usage and solar) above has bumps and lumps before and after the sun is up - it seems to be graphing the Efergy sensor you have labelled as ‘mains’ in dark green.
    Perhaps start by checking the SID (Sensor ID) in the Efergy dashboard settings for the Efergy light green ‘solar’ sensor, and use THAT SID to be retrieved by PVO as generation. It looks OK.

  2. its hard to see in your photo where your Efergy ‘mains’ clamp is. But if its on the meter wire, then I suspect when your solar is running hard, it is pushing the meter backwards. The Efergy system auto-corrects direction, so it doesn’t matter which way around you put the clamp, it displays a positive reading. Your dark-green ‘mains’ line doesn’t go down to 0 at dusk and dawn, but what I think may be happening is that during dark hours, you are measuring power flowing in one direction, and then as the sun comes up and exceeds the house consumption, it switches direction in the sensor, but the sensor auto-corrects and displays positive numbers again. That auto-correct will screw up any ‘net’ calculations.

Perhaps do an experiment. At night-time, fill a kettle to the brim and boil it, or turn an electric stove element on full, and leave it until the dark-green Efergy ‘mains’ line sees a spike up.
Repeat the same thing in the middle of a sunny day - if I’m right, that dark-green ‘Mains’ Efergy line will be high, and you’ll see a similar spike downwards from the kettle/stove.


I suspect, if you can arrange it, you want your consumption CT to be here, wrapped around the two wires to the 2x40A CB, and NOT have the solar wire go through this CT. By putting the consumption CT near the meter, you effectively are including this third solar wire in the aggregate measurement, when the solar is pushing towards the grid, and the appliances are pulling in the other direction.


Here is a simplified depiction of your connection as you have described them. They differ from the diagram that Efergy shows as the way to connect the CTs. This is most likely because your physical wiring does not have a single wire carrying all the power to your home appliances as shown in the Efergy connection diagram.
From the plots your show it is obvious that the auto-correct feature changes the sign on CT1 to be positive at all times and changes the output of CT1 to + when current feeds in to the Grid because it treats the signal to be house loads instead of Net power flow which is what is being measured.
I am not familiar enough with the Efergy setup to know how to make the proper change. It is clear that CT1 needs to be placed on the conductor leading out of the Main Breaker to all the house circuits.