Efergy optimal setup for graph

Hi all,

My setup is as follows:

  • 3 phase power with sensors on all 3 phases
  • Single phase solar

I am pretty confident with my sensor placement. I have my power sensors between breaker and loads, and solar between meter and breaker. I did have my solar in the wrong spot previously, meaning it was reading solar fed to the grid as usage.

This is what my graph looks like in Efergy Engage:

And this is what it looks like in PVOutput:

and settings:

Now i understand it is reading 0 for most of the day because i am subtracting solar from power usage, so when solar is greater than power it is 0.

Is there a better way to set it up, so the data has more meaning, or have i not set it up right in the first place?


If PWER.844877 is the household gross consumption then there is no need to subtract the solar.

PVOutput already calculates net power using gross consumption/solar. The import/export amounts can be viewed using the Net view.

That is correct, PWER.844877 is total power consumption. So I should remove the solar monitor from the secondary power, and only have it in the solar section below?

Yes, remove the secondary power subtraction from the primary device.