Efergy engage data issue


I have the efergy engage solar kit setup. Consumption data received looks realistic, however the solar generation is showing a fraction of what is really being generated.
For example this morning (8:40am) inverter was showing 1.56kw, efergy engage was showing 0.07kw.
The data has been showing at a fraction since installation.
FYI, I had the transmitters installed by a sparkie.
I am wondering if interference is causing the issue.


hi so its showing 4.5% of normal,is that all day or just at 8.40,would you like to share your system name and then i will take a more in depth look?? Jim


Hi Jim, Thanks, however problem averted.

Removing a cover plate revealed the solar wire had unclipped itself and was hanging loose.

I is now reading significantly higher than the inverter direct reading. I will monitor over the next few days.

My system is 61speight