Edit Estimates / Compare Issue


When you click Edit Estimates and then click the Compare button (as shown in the below screen shot) all it does is take you to the Monthly tab. Maybe I’m missing something, but where is the comparison data?




this is to make monthly estimates of your usage & generation
so you can compare against your estimated figures
i put my previous years usage and generation as my figures so i know how i am going.

the target bar on the page that opens is how you are going against your estimated figure
if you go to the daily tab it shows the day and month vs the estimates figure
this is for generation im unsure about consumption

also you can customise your graph to show the estimate for generation or consumption


Now I know what to look at. Thank you for clarifying that for me B-Man.


The Compare link should now correctly take you to the estimation comparison page.



The Compare link is still not taking me to the estimation comparison page in your response bankstownbloke. Is there a setting that controls this that I need to set for this to work this way?


Reload the page and give this another try, you may have been still on different data view.


It now shows up as you indicated. Thanks for all your help.