Edit and/or delete live data individually

Hello all,
I have searched but cannot find a way to edit or delete the 15 min data in the “live” display. I can see the delete for the full day, but I only want to delete a couple of test values that I uploaded when setting up my data grab system…
If this is not currently possible, could it be added as a new “feature”?

I am not a expert but I think you can use the “Live loader” option and set the data to whatever you want for that particular time and then upload this, which will overwrite the data for that time. If you want to delete a couple of items I assume you just set the value fields to zero. So…from your intraday screen select “add output” scroll to the bottom and select “Live loader” it’s worth clicking “show sample” to give you an idea of the format expected. You can choose which fields you want to change using the tick boxes. When you post, the system checks the format for mistakes before execution of the update. Hope this is helpful.

It can be done via the API.

e.g. https://pvoutput.org/service/r2/deletestatus.jsp?sid=[your_sid]&key=[your_key]&d=[yyyymmdd]&t=[hh:mm]

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