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Recently got a an Rainforest Eagle-200, it’s all set up and running well uploading to the RFA Cloud server.

However in order to have it Push data directly to PVOutput you need to get RFA Admin team to set the service for the time being for the Eagle 200 version. It will apparently be made available at a later stage so that the settings can be inputted locally.

My problem is that RFA have for all intent & purpose set up my Push to PVOutput using my SystemID and API Key but there is no data appearing, is there anything else that they may need to complete my request.


All that is required in the system id and api key -


The XML data would also need to be sent as well, it should look like the below -

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<rainForest macId="0x0000000000005de" version="undefined" timestamp="1385594622s">


The API key and System Id can be found on the PVOutput Settings page.