EAGLE push service down?


is the EAGLE push service down? since 1150AM PST on 10 Oct 2018 i have no consumption data logged. rebooted the EAGLE and it will not light up the “cloud” LED (was blinking before the reboot.)

system ID is 42057 if @bankstownbloke wants to look at it.




well… “houston, the EAGLE has faceplanted”. looks like my EAGLE is dead; the web interface redirects to an error page. from what i can tell the new EAGLE with wifi is not compatible with PVOutput, so not sure what i can do for power consumption monitoring now.


The easiest option would to be a replacement Eagle unit that supports push, or see what others are using -


The Eagle-200, the one with WiFi, does have a local API. I have been using the local API on my original Eagle for many years to update PVOutput. It looks like that API and the one for the Eagle-200 are similar but not quite identical.


I just noticed that the Eagle-200 also has an Uploader API that bypasses the Eagle Cloud and will send realtime data directly to a URL. I don’t know if this has been discussed here before, but that seems like something that may work with PVOutput.


well, i can’t seem to find a used ‘original’ EAGLE anywhere. the Eagle-200 does support push/post to an arbitrary website but it is not user configurable! per @pjschaffer’s Uploader API link, it has to be configured via rainforest cloud, by an “admin”. this is totally ridiculous.

i was fixated on a very short list of devices that appear as qualified on PG&E’s website; i misinterpreted their language to mean that they would only allow devices on their list to be associated with the smartmeter. but on a more careful reading it appears they have no such restriction. that opens things up to other devices. these DIGI products look like they might work, but i have to look into how you would write scripts for them.

thank you - i did find this last night and attempted to talk to my EAGLE using some test commands with curl. i get a response but the response is “timed out waiting for response” so i guess the web server is up but whatever it communicates with inside the box is down.

yes, i think this confirms what i read in other forums. someone at rainforest has to configure this for you. given the level of support they seem to provide, i believe going down this path is a world of hurt. i think what i’ll do is order an Eagle-200 from amazon and attempt to pull the consumption data from the local API and then post to PVOutput. @pjschaffer do you remember how much setup was required? from reading the docs it seems that i might have to configure a polling interval inside the EAGLE, but there might be more.




When I read “admin” I interpreted that as the registered user but I think you’re right that it means a “Cloud” admin. The doc indicates that they planned to make this configurable through the API but I guess this hasn’t been implemented yet.

It’s been quite some time since I set this up so I’m a little rusty on the details, also, I’m not at home and can’t get a copy of the actual code I’m running.

From what I remember, I used a Perl module to open an TCP IO Socket on the IP of the Eagle on port 5002. I then sent the commands over the socket and listened for a response.

If you PM me with your e-mail, I can send you a copy of the code I’m using and the document it’s based on (Eagle REST API ver 1, Mar 2015). As I said, it’s written in Perl but I’m sure the concepts can be used in whatever programming language you prefer. Just to be clear though, the Eagle does not send me the data unless I request it. That means I have a computer (in my case, an old one running Linux) calling the Perl script each time I want to obtain data from the Eagle.


thanks, well i guess i will find out friday. someone on the solarpaneltalk forums described having to have someone @ rainforest do the setup for PVO Eagle push and then in the end i think they said PGE could not manage to do whatever was necessary to get the eagle-200 to talk to the smartmeter, so they gave up.

although my brother in law called me a loser for only knowing perl and not python, in fact perl is the only scripting language i actually am comfortable with so your code would be great. i have a number of “always-on” linux machines in my lan so it won’t be any trouble at all to pull from the eagle and push to PVO. i already have a script running that snoops on my inverter traffic and posts it to PVO, so i guess i can either augment that script or write a 2nd one that posts just the consumption data.


OK - just to follow up on this for anyone who comes across it. @pjschaffer’s interpretation of the eagle-200 documentation was correct. setting a cloud service is user-configurable in rainforestcloud.com, and in fact PVOutput eagle post is one of their canned settings. the functionality seems to be the same as before - the eagle is directly pushing the consumption data to PVO; it’s just that the eagle’s configuration interface now lives in rainforest’s cloud. what’s a little different from before is the eagle-200 is simultaneously pushing the data to PVO and to rainforest’s cloud service as well. it looks like if you want to you can continue to add cloud services to the eagle-200, so that’s different too. with the original eagle, it could only push to one service. it appears that you can’t tell it to stop pushing to rainforest’s cloud though.

so, bottom line, despite what i read at other forums, the eagle-200 is (now, at least) fully compatible with PVO eagle post.


I seem to be in the same boat since 12:36 PDT today. The Eagle is not able to connect to PVOutput.org. Just a HTTP 401 error in the interface and a blinking cloud LED. I reset the Eagle POST command in the cloud settings and still am getting the error. I rebooted the device and observed no change.

I can login to the web interface with no issues. It has the HTTP 401 error too.

My system ID is 28621 if someone wants to look at it.


OK, problem solved. Evidently my donor status expired at 12:36PM today. Paid up for another year and cloud Eagle POST now working again.