Eagle push no longer working


I have a legacy Rainforest Eagle with the push interface configured for it’s cloud access. It has been working fine (except for the various drops the Eagle seems to have :slight_smile: ). But, I just noticed that I have not been getting meter consumption data for a number of days.

Starting at around 30-May-2019 12:45 PDT, my meter consumption data has been missing. There has been no change to my cloud url in the rainforest:

https://pvoutput.org/service/r2/eaglepost.jsp?sid=<my sid>&key=<my api key>

The Rainforest tells me the URL is bad.

Putting the URL into a browser, I get the following:

Bad request 400: Missing Timestamp and Demand data

Anyone have any thoughts?



The Eagle is not pushing any data to PVOutput.

Other Eagle push requests are coming through fine.

Try changing temporary the push to a service such as https://requestbin.com/ to see what it is trying to send.


@bankstownbloke thanks!

For whatever strange and odd reason (okay, it is an Eagle), the date was set to dec 1999 and “from internet” was selected. I switched it to “from meter” and it looks like things are back working.