Eagle losing PVoutput Push Setting?


Over the past week I’ve had several dropouts of my consumption (really, net) data from my original Rainforest Eagle. Today it happened again and I logged into the rainforest cloud to check things out. It was still receiving data from the device as I could get live consumption data. However, I went to look at the cloud settings and it was blank! So I did what I have done before and power cycled the Eagle. Once it came up I went into the settings again and checked the cloud settings and the PVO push settings were back

Anyone else seeing this behavior? Is this a sign of the impending death of my Eagle?


I believe there was a problem with rainforest cloud at that day. My EAGLE-200 had “cloud” LED blinking (2 blinks in 1 sec, that steady light for 1 sec). It’s setup for pvoutput too, so I’ve suspected one of the cloud links down. The situation at the rainforest cloud was same as you are describing. After restarting the device seems to work ok.


I just discovered that I have had no consumption data uploaded today since 7AM from my Eagle Legacy device. I logged into the Rainforest Portal and everything looked OK except for no consumption data. Rebooted the device and now only get HTTP 400 -Error for the cloud which is configured for Eagle Push to PVoutput.org. I have had all four light today. Only have three lights now after rebooting.

I too had several dropout glitches lately where cloud LED is blinking. Repower and reboot always has brought back the device.

Now all I have for power generation is NaN for a value. Before I rebooted I had generation power showing.

If I put in the Push URL in a browser, this is the response I get:
Bad request 400: Missing Timestamp and Demand data


It may be related to the time set on the Eagle, see below -


Not the problem here. Time and date are current as shown in Settings. Source is from Internet. Switched to Source is Meter. No change. Still HTTP 400 error.

Called the power company and they reprovisioned the smart meter and I have good data coming from the meter again and I have cloud connection again. So the problem was with the smart meter and its mesh network.


I continued having random problems with my Eagle dropping out, so I finally put in a support ticket. To my amazement, they actually responded quickly:

We discovered your device was stuck in read-only mode. The device goes into read-only mode to protect the core files from being corrupted. We have now recovered the device and it appears to be working correctly now.

We’ll see if it sticks and for how long