EAGLE - Issue started a couple of days ago

In the last 2 days something weird has happened. I think perhaps my usage data has the wrong time stamps.

It’s currently 8am here but this is what I’m seeing.

Something happened on 11/21 around 9:35 pm, as data was truncated at that time.

The following day on 11/22 it looked like this:

Looks like it was an issue with retrieving the system timezone which then incorrectly defaulted to UTC.

This should now be resolved and its logging on LA time now.

This happened due to a rare glitch, will be adding a fix to make this more robust in the future.

If it does happen again, edit the system and ‘Save’ to refresh the settings which includes timezone information.

Thanks. Is there a way of correcting the errant data or is it easier to just live with it?