Eagle - End of day data corruption

I have a Rainforest Eagle (legacy) that I have been using with PVOUTPUT for many years. In the last 6 months or so, at the end of each day, the consumption data gets multiplied by about 10 such that the consumption data is incorrect. During the day the consumption data is correct when I check it, it just changes to being incorrect at the end of the day. Then I have been having to go back and manually edit the daily inflow and outflow data so at least the daily data is correct. Has anyone else had this problem? Any help to correct is appreciated.

Is this using the Eagle Push directly from the device or the ‘Eagle’ option from Auto Uploader config?

PVOutput is configured as the primary device to use the ‘Eagle’ option from Auto Uploader config. The rainforest user ID and password are provided for this configuration.
The secondary device is Enphase.

The Eagle is configured with the “cloud” as PVOUTPUT with the URL field - https://pvoutput.org/service/r2/eaglepost.jsp?sid=29890&key=******

When using the Eagle Push option above the Eagle Auto Uploader should be removed, move the Enphase from Secondary to Primary.

The Eagle Push option is more reliable than the Eagle Auto Uploader as it does not go through rainforest.com which reporting some high numbers e.g. 80890Wh consumption on 29th Nov 19:50

Thanks! I will give this a try!

Your suggestion has worked! Thank you very much!