Eagle data showing up GMT (I think)

My Eagle was offline for a bit the last week of November, and now, it appears to be uploading data to PVOutput and not getting changed to my local time zone. I see my net data 6 hours out ahead of my solar data. I double checked my time zone, deleted and re-added the PV Output config on the eagle page. Data is uploading fine, but not getting shifted to my time zone. I tried adding &tz=US/Central to my string on the eagle upload setup page, but I am still seeing uploads 6 hours ahead of now.

May be related to the following -

Fix is to edit your PVOutput System and ‘Save’.

Just added a fix to use the tz parameter in the eagle post request in case system timezone data could not be retrieved.

Thanks. Not sure how I totally missed the solution in that other thread, because I did read the whole thread.

Looks like your fix worked, but I may try taking out the time zone parameter that I added. I am not sure if Eagle is adding that and I had just added &tz=US/Central to the end of the API Key.