Eagle-200 Rainforest simple setup help/guidance


I have looked at other posts to see if someone has covered this yet.

I am not using a PV system yet. I am just tracking my usage on my meter.

  1. I have tried the upload function on the rainforestcloud.com using my api key and system id generated by PVoutput. The rainforest system states it is still “initializing” and I have not been able to get any info, that I can tell up to PVoutput.

2 .There seems to be some references to indictate skipping rainforestcloud.com and going uploading right from the device. On the 200 there does not seem to be a way to do this when I access it directly.

Any help you can give me to get the data up to PVOUtput would be helpfull


i think you are probably doing the right thing. i just looked at mine and it says “initializing” but it’s been working for months.

on the 100, you can log directly into the device and configure how it pushes to a cloud service. in the case of the 100, IIRC it can only push to one cloud service at a time, whether that be rainforestcloud.com, or PVO.

on the 200, it can simultaneously push to multiple cloud services. you can’t log into the 200 and configure it the way you can configure the 100; on the 200 the configuration takes place on rainforestcloud.com and then the server sends the configuration to the 200. so it sounds like this is what you are doing? in the rainforestcloud.com settings page, the URL should look like:

/service/r2/eaglepost.jsp?sid=(sys_id>)&key=(key) and type is XML:RAW

did you use the “pvouput” label in the drop-down menu to add the cloud service?



I have an Eagle 200 both show “initializing” as well, however the push is working fine.

Are you using the PVOutput template on rainforestcloud.com for your setup, or going the “custom” route?

On skipping rainforestcloud.com, the Eagle 200 does not have a locally accessible setup page - so all setup must be done via the web on rainforestcloud.com. In theory you can pull data locally and push, but that is much more complicated setup (outside the scope of this thread probably).


This is how I manually setup my Eagle 200 a while back. Since then, RFA has added a template which in theory should automate all this. I haven’t used the template (listed as PVOutput in " Add Upload Destination" dropdown on rainforestcloud.com)

Setup Tips:

  1. "URL" format for rainforestcloud.com
  • /service/r2/eaglepost.jsp?sid=XXXXX&key=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX&tz=US/Pacific
  • Make sure you replace the XXXXXX’s with your PVO System ID and PVO API Key which can be found at the URL below.
  1. Additionally, make sure your Time Zone is set per the [PVO help docs]. I’ve left mine in the URL as an example (https://pvoutput.org/help.html#live-settings-timezone)
  2. Make sure you are using the PVO “API Key” from the https://pvoutput.org/account.jsp screen