Download yearly data in 5 min increments

Is there a way to download monthly or yearly data in 5 minute increments in 1 go ?
I want to import it into a spreadsheet and see if/ when a battery would be viable but cant see a way to do it without having to write a script?

Unfortunately the ‘Get Status’ API only allows for 1 day of 5-minute data per request.

A bulk download for batches of up to 30 days per request for systems owners may be considered in the future.

Changed topic to an ‘Idea’


Would love to get a hand on 5 minute data, though I understand the computational requirements can become a bit much.

I use long-term daily data to assess the amount of batteries I may need if I go down that path, but I’d use 5 min intervals to look at how many km of an EV I would be able to charge per day based on historical data.