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Is it possible to download one year worth of data from

I am developing an app that analyses production within a day and by season but my system was only installed recently so I am looking for a way to get a full year worth of 5-min interval data for any system.

Any volunteers or suggestions on how to get that would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:




Hello Gaetano, did you manage to understand if it’s possible to download the data? I ask because I would also need a yearly data of a whatever plant for an university project and this website seemed interesting, but I can’t understand how (if) I can download the generation data…


Sorry for the late reply. The notifications go to my junk folder…

I haven’t tried but from the link posted by bankstownbloke, if you donate $15 to, you have access specifying a siteID of any system in a GET request to the server and you can access data that is archived (older than 6 months). After making the donation, it seems that entering the following URL in your browser would return the detailed 5-minute data for an entire day“any system id”&key=“your API key”&h=1&d=“YYYYMMDD”

Replace the contents in-between the double-quotes with the actual value and remove the quotes too.

With some programming skills, you can automate those requests to get this data for an entire year without entering 365 times that URL with a different date.

Hope that helps.


Hi @Gaetano, I am trying to download data for an example system. However, my API key works only with my system ID (I have created a generation only system). For all the other systems, it gives invalid API error. I have made the donation so there should be no problem on that front. Can you please confirm that you can download data for any system using your API key? I need to download data for my research project.


Use the sid1 parameter, the request should be -

  • getstatus.jsp?&sid=(your_system_id)&key=(your_api_key)&sid1=(system_id_to_query)