Double time date start / end of day


There is double date displayed in the data that throws the graph out (goes to zero at midnight)
could the end of day time be changed to show 24:00?
Or is this some oddity due to upload timing?

The next day starts at
22/07/20 00:00
but would be nice for the day to end
21/07/20 24:00 not 22/07/20 00:00


21/07/20 24:00 and 22/07/20 00:00 is the same - the former only appears if the uploader sends -

  • date=20200721, time=23:58 to time=24:00

Can you give an example screenshot of this.


As attached no data for the last 5 mins of day - i have played with the data timing but no avail

yet start next day shows fine at 00:00


Energy readings taken at a given moment provide retrospective data, e.g. the reading of an energy counter taken at 9:00am provides the energy usage/production data for the 8:55 to 9:00am interval (and hence 5-min avg power), as well as any momentary snapshot data occurring at 9:00am (such as a voltage reading, power output at that moment etc).

Hence the first interval of the day really should be shown as 00:05 (or 12:05am) since that is the data for 00:00 to 00:05 interval, while the final interval of the day should be 24:00 (or 12:00pm) as that’s the data for the 23:55 to 24:00 interval.


The graph is displaying as expected as the uploader / efergy is only sending temperature and voltage at 24:00.

The power values are shown as “-” on the table.


ok thanks will sort this end


yes correct but that would be for totals – the reading itself is the instantaneous energy use at that point so 00:00 would be a valid reading as the totals are zero at that instant.
the 00:05 reading is as you state


True but an instantaneous power value sampled once every 5-min is a pretty useless data point.