Donation Status Inactive

I made a donation using PayPal on 7/1/2020 and got a receipt from PVOutput on 8/1/2020. I’m sure I checked my account at the time and it was inactive. I thought it would just take a short while and then promptly forgot about it. I come back now and find that it is still inactive. Not sure if its related, but just looked at the receipt and the ‘issued’ date is 7/1/2019!

Can you please resolve?


Jason (jandkw99)

It should be active now.

My donation status says 269 days to go and I was getting “stars” on my outputs until 17/5/20.
Are they meant to continue according to status?
Just wondering.

Those are sun icons indicating > 5.0kWh/kW ‘Fine’ day. The star indicated on the ladder is based on the donation status.

You will see a 5 pointed star to the left of your listing in the PV Ladder page indicating you are a donor.

Thanks, I was looking in wrong area however I am a current donor but cannot see confirmation.
“Lwsmiser” says look in pvladder but i am not even listed there.
Do I need to activate something?

Click on ‘Settings’ to view the account settings page.

The donation status and how many days remaining is shown at the top below your email.


Yes thanks Bankstownbloke I already have that but was just commenting on “lwmiser’s” suggestion to look in pvladder and am interested in who is included in pvladder or is that a discontinued feature?

To find your place on the ladder, click on the ranking link on Your Outputs page.




My suggestion involves the sorting feature in the pvladder page. The problem I have is that once you sort the pvladder on Outputs you have to search the complete list for your position. You have to remember your Outputs number and sort through the resulting list to find your new position. I have found that limiting the ranges such as system size you can reduce the list size and find your position in the new filtered list. However, you position is recalculated within the filtered data set. BB responded that keeping your system in the viewing window would not be possible.
After considering this request I decided it was not really important since there are many systems which don’t really exist but are people monitoring their home power consumption and they have no PV production. There are hundreds of these or perhaps thousands which throw off the meaning of ranking.
Filtering them out would give you a better picture for comparing your system to others by area and size.