Donation Status Inactive


I made a donation using PayPal on 7/1/2020 and got a receipt from PVOutput on 8/1/2020. I’m sure I checked my account at the time and it was inactive. I thought it would just take a short while and then promptly forgot about it. I come back now and find that it is still inactive. Not sure if its related, but just looked at the receipt and the ‘issued’ date is 7/1/2019!

Can you please resolve?


Jason (jandkw99)


It should be active now.


My donation status says 269 days to go and I was getting “stars” on my outputs until 17/5/20.
Are they meant to continue according to status?
Just wondering.


Those are sun icons indicating > 5.0kWh/kW ‘Fine’ day. The star indicated on the ladder is based on the donation status.


You will see a 5 pointed star to the left of your listing in the PV Ladder page indicating you are a donor.