Donation features

hi, I’m new to this

I have fronius Primo 8.2.1 and managed to get the push service enabled so power generated and total energy data shows up in my system automatically, that’s great

Q about donation: if I donate, will other data eg exported, temperature = comsumption show up too?
when I go to fronius I can see prodcution, consumption self and consumption from grid…

Hi @fredfery. Consumption data can only be displayed if you are able to upload it to PVO from your household. To do this you need to have installed some sort of energy meter or system for recording energy coming and going. You do say in your post that you CAN see CONSUMPTION data is this correct? If so, you should only have to add a ‘Meter’ push to the configuration of your Primo inverter.

You do NOT have to be a DONOR to upload METER data.

You don’t to to be a DONOR to have the Temperature [ v5 ] appear. This can be configured via the SYSTEM menu.

The Temperature can be obtained from a variety of sources including BoM if you are in Australia.

Being a DONOR though does have other benefits and it does help pay for the service. [ I am not affiliated with the site in anyway it’s just my opinion ]


thanks @grannos
the metrics i was looking for is Energy used

I have a smart meter I assume, as the app shows me consumption/nergy used?

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Then it should be possible to push this data to PVOutput.

As per @grannos’s post above, add another Fronius push for the meter data to send consumption

  • Inverter Push = “SolarAPI v1 - CurrentData - Inverter”
  • Meter Push = “SolarAPI v1 - CurrentData - Meter”

Be sure to also configure PVO with the unit cost of the electricity you import from the grid and whatever Feed-In Tariff that you receive for accurate costs / credits.