Donate Using Guest PayPal Not Working

So my donation status expired today. I tried to submit a donation from USA using an American Express card via guest path of PAY PAL and it is not working. I see no messages of errors, the web entry flashes and shows me what I entered and otherwise nothing obvious is displayed showing any panel input errors or such. What can I try now?

Are you having issues on the PVOutput page or the PayPal page?

PAYPAL! Never had this issue before. Also I tried it on Firefox and Chrome with same results. When I click submit it shows PROCESSING icon spinning and then just presents the same web panel back to me with my input data to charge. So somethings not working unless its the AMEX card no longer taking which the panel says it accepts.

New news. I called my AMEX and they have no block on my card for international charges. However I then tried a master card…walla it worked. So it seems PAYPAL is having issues with AmEx card charges. Not sure if you want to notify them of this issue for those of us who might want to use AmEx in the very near future!

Thanks for the update and donation. Highly doubt PayPal will do anything to fix this though.