Domoticz Error: PVOutput (Input): Error login!

Hi there,

I’m Slexik from Belgium and I’m a new PVOutput user, I’m trying to configure domoticz with pvoutput input hardware and my first problem is this one : I’m receiving a message in my logs : Error Login !.
I’m using my System iD as login and an API Key generated by clicking on new key.

What am I doing wrong ?

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Same here, it is driving me crazy. Since it worked for like 6 hours and then the login errors disappeared.

I renewed the api key, I even donated. All settings look OK. But still login error appears.

Since this is a Domoticz error is is best to ask for their support what the error means.

You may test your PVOutput API setup by going to the following web address -

Replace your_system_id and your_key with your own details.

If successful, some details of your system will be shown.

Many thanks, and you are right. Although on the Domoticz side no-one is responding.
I tried the URL, and it works.I can read out my data.No problem.

This means Domoticz should be able to upload / download data with the details you’ve entered.

The ‘Error login’ may just be a generic error message logged by Domoticz, there may have been a data error e.g. generation too high for system size or time of day. In this case, check that the device timezone is correct and isn’t uploading incorrect timestamps.


I have the same error since the last 26th of march. The domoticz plugin works fine until this date.
I try to access to this url : with my id from the domoticz’s server and it works with curl or chrome

what could be the reason ?

Check that there hasn’t been any updates to the plugin that introduced a bug.

i have updated domoticz to the latest beta version (13133) but it the same
How can i check if there any update on this plugin ?

a precision i use the hardware pvoutput (input) to load data from PVOutput to Domoticz
I know that a plugin/script which import from Domoticz to PVoutput exist but i don’t use it.