Dominion Energy Folks

I got my panels 7/19. I have a net metering agreement with them and they said I got 2 years then use it or lose it. Guess in the small print it said 12 months and you only get to credit what you PAID Dominion for not what you clearly created and used. I thought I had over 2500 KWH of created and used credits but nope since I didn’t pay them for it they got lost.

They suggested I do a PPA which mean I get to buy high and sell low. LOL. They get you while they got you and got you while they get you SMH.

Oh yeah and you cannot change your review date.

What are folks doing that have DE because every single winter I will be jacked and paying them plus my panels? I right sized my system to not have to pay them except maybe once a year in Feb.