Does PVOutput continue to make API calls at night?


Hi all,

Was going to setup my account for 5 minute API call intervals, but I believe SolarEdge has a maximum of 300 calls per day.
Do we need to account for a full 24 hours of calls per day when calculating left over calls, or is there a start and end time for the API calls?

24 x (60/5) = 288 calls, so not much left over if 24 hours is the go, in which case I’ll stick with 10 minute updates.




According to

The SolarEdge auto uploader reads power production data from your SolarEdge API account and automates the data upload to PVOutput every 15 minutes.

Also the PVO API rate limit is determined by whether or not your are a donor


Cheers grannos,

I’m a donor, and with my current settings I’m able to have PVO make an API call every 5 minutes (although I’m currently set at 10). My question is if PVO continues to make calls 24/7, or if calls cease during night hours.

On further reflection I guess some users will have consumption as well as production figures, and therefore PVO probably makes calls 24/7, so I’ll stick with 10 minutes intervals, which would equal 144 calls over a 24 hour period, leaving plenty of wiggle room for calls from the Solaredge Web Portal etc.

Would of been great to get down to 5 minutes though!


I don’t know about the Solar Edge auto uploader specifically, but I assume it has been implemented similar to the Enphase auto uploader that I use. Basically, PVOutput polls Enphase every 15 minutes but during that poll, it uploads 5 minute resolution data (three data points). This reduces the chance that the API rate limit will be exceeded and still provides the same resolution data albeit with a slight delay.


For SolarEdge a call is made every 10-minutes or the Poll Interval system setting, which ever is greater, for 24 hours.


Thanks for the clarification mate, much appreciated :slight_smile: